May Avenue

Art & Design by Margaret Kelly

Art & Design by Margaret Kelly

The Artist

Margaret Kelly was born in Korea but a near native Floridian. She could always be found wondering the gardens and fruit trees in her tropical backyard. Chasing snakes, collecting insects, listening to birds and admiring the food grown by her families hands. These childhood experiences would later be a repeating theme in her work. With a love for drawing and natural inspiration all around Margaret decided at a young age she was going to be an artist. Always with a fistful of of art supplies and homework covered in drawings, this naturally led to studying art. 

Studying Illustration at Ringling School of Art and Design she honed her skills and set off into adulthood. Margaret works with many mediums but current work focuses on watercolor and gouache. Looking to capture a personality or mood with animals and people, while obsessing over repeating marks and lighthearted whimsy guide her throughout her paintings and pattern work.

Margaret is currently open to collaborations, licensing, and commission work,

May Avenue Design

May Avenue was born one night in 2013 when discussing my love for creating art, and my obsession with paper goods. May Avenue Design is my shop that sells items with artwork by Margaret Kelly (myself), currently selling art prints, notecards, and items for the home.

Certain products are available for wholesale, please contact me with store information if interested!